Introducing the $LMDA token

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6 min readDec 15, 2022


The Lambda Token Portal will open on 21st December at 15:00 (GMT+1) and close on 25th January 2023 22:00 (GMT+1) at

Quick glance:

  • Lambda Markets is moving to tokenised platform access — this enables efficient tokenised actions + value accrual within our ecosystem.
  • LMDA token holders are entitled to platform access + value realisation with the ‘Lambda Vault’
  • The LMDA token will be launched in a bespoke dutch auction format running from the 21st December 2022 until the 25th January 2023.
  • LMDA tokens will be available at

So far, we’ve released details on our comprehensive trading platform Lambda 2.0 and the $LMDA whitelist has rapidly sold out.

Based on the current demand, we are anticipating ~10,000 users at launch. We suggest that you quickly read our previous articles to get up to speed ⤵

Introducing the $LMDA token

The LMDA token is the key to gain access to the Lambda Markets platform and the Lambda ecosystem. Token holders are able to:

  • Access Lambda 2.0: purchase LMDA tokens to activate platform subscriptions and use tokens to pay for bonus features in-app.
  • Rebates: lock LMDA tokens to earn tiered discounts on trading fees and platform subscriptions. Refer friends + family to receive generous rebates.
  • Accrue value: naturally accrue value as the number of platform users grow.
  • Pay trading fees: LMDA tokens are the ‘gas’ fee for the Lambda 2.0 trade engine further increasing the token’s value.

With LMDA tokens in their Solana blockchain wallet, users will be able to access our comprehensive trading platform + be rewarded for being early.

LMDA — Token Utility


The LMDA tokenomics model is simple — we are floating 90% of the 100,000,000 total supply to early investors and maintaining 10% of the token supply in the Lambda Vault to bootstrap market liquidity.

Token allocation:

  • Public Sale (Lambda Users): 90,000,000 tokens
  • Lambda Vault: 10,000,000 tokens

The 10% allocation to the Lambda Vault will never be outright sold on the market and the other 90% of the supply will be in circulation at launch.

The Lambda team will contribute equal parts USDC and LMDA tokens following the distribution of tokens to bootstrap market liquidity on Orca.

This tokenomic model is almost unheard of in the space, typically retail investors arrive to the party only when >50% of the total supply has been allocated to insiders and the ‘community.’

We want to get as many tokens possible in the hands of our platform users and those who are early. The LMDA token has zero:

  • Team allocation
  • Private/VC/Seed allocation
  • Community allocation
Our tokenomic model is drastically different to traditional crypto set-ups.

A Deflationary LMDA Token Market

The major benefit of floating 100% of the LMDA token supply at launch is that we are able to promote a deflationary token market — instead of one that is ridden with inflation.

The ‘Lambda Vault’ will burn 10% of the LMDA tokens used to activate product features and subscriptions, beginning at launch & lasting FOREVER — the total tokens burnt should increase exponentially over time with new users and constant demand for subscription renewals.

Thus, availability of the LMDA token should become increasingly scarce on decentralised markets. Tokens held in the vault that are not burnt will be used for providing liquidity and for new subscriptions.

The LMDA token sale

The LMDA token sale will take place at the Lambda Token Portal and follow a tried and tested approach — a customised ‘dutch auction’ to enhance the fairness for all participants and avoid manipulation by ‘whales’.

LMDA auction process explained

Participants will contribute USD to a deposit pool to determine the price of each LMDA token, when the auction finishes on the 25th January 2023 at 15:00 (GMT+1) — LMDA tokens will be fairly distributed to all participants in proportion to their share of the USD contributed.

The token portal will have four distinct phases:

> 21/12/2022 15:00(GMT+1) — ‘Price Discovery’ phase: the LMDA token portal open and anyone with a solana wallet may deposit or withdraw their USDC from the USDC vault.

> 24/12/2022 00:00(GMT+1) — ‘Price Refinement’ phase: those who have already deposited will not be able to withdraw their USDC from the USDC vault.

> 25/01/2023 22:00(GMT+1) — ‘LMDA Redemption’ phase: users can no longer contribute to the LMDA sale and all USDC depositors will be able to redeem their LMDA Tokens in proportion to their share of the USDC contributed.

** Following the redemption phase, the LMDA team will ‘bootstrap’ the LMDA token market by providing sufficient liquidity from the Lambda Vault for users to trade LMDA tokens on decentralised exchanges.

**Users can deposit multiple times — there is no limit on deposit transactions so long as the token portal is open.

Token Auction explained

90MM LMDA tokens (90% of total supply) will be available for purchase at the auction. The auction contract will have two vaults:

  • USDC vault with 0 USDC
  • LMDA vault with 90,000,000 LMDA tokens

Users will be competing with one another to get as many LMDA tokens that they can at launch. Those who deposit more USDC will receive more LMDA

The total number of tokens that a user receives will be directly proportionate to the sum of the USDC they contribute to the USDC vault.

The sale price per token can be calculated by (total sum of USDC in USDC vault) / (90,000,000 LMDA token) — this price will fluctuate throughout the process as USDC is deposited and withdrawn.


The pricing for access to the Lambda platform will fluctuate based on market demand, but their base cost will be pegged to USD values.

We offer three tiers and timeframes for access:

  • Base, Pro and Advanced access tiers
  • 3-month (quarterly), 6-month (half-yearly) and 12-month (annual) timeframes

A demand multiplier will be added to the the subscription price as a method of increasing the deflationary impact on the token market during times of high demand + encourage exclusivity to the platform.

Our Team

What to do next?

You’ll need a Solana wallet to participate in the Lambda Token Portal and secure your LMDA tokens. You can learn how to set-up and fund a solana wallet by reading the article below:

We will be holding a deep-dive on this tokenomic article shortly to clarify any questions that the community has and to thoroughly walk through the LMDA tokenomics you’ve read about thus far.


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