Lambda 2.0 — Alpha Access

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4 min readJan 5, 2023

Whitelisted accounts + those who’ve participated in the Lambda token portal can access Lambda 2.0 alpha version from the 11th of January 2023! Get access with the LMDA token at

Lambda 2.0 — Alpha access 11/01

Quick glance:

  • Lambda 2.0 roadmap features will be fast-tracked by integrating user feedback, the Lambda 2.0 alpha version will launch on the 11th of January 2023 at
  • Of the 471 community support tickets resolved thus far — the most common feedback we’ve received has been that people would like to use the Lambda 2.0 platform before contributing to the token portal.
  • 90% of the total LMDA token supply is available to early users, now available at

What’s happening?

We’ve decided to speed-up the Lambda 2.0 launch by integrating community feedback thus far — all whitelisted accounts + IDO participants who’ve contributed ≥$1,000 USDC can access the Lambda 2.0 alpha version.

Of the 471 community support tickets resolved thus far — the most common feedback we’ve received has been that people would like to use the Lambda 2.0 platform during the token portal period.

So, we’ve decided to:

  1. Grant access to Lambda 2.0 alpha version for ALL whitelisted users + users who have contributed ≥$1000 USDC
  2. Launch Lambda 2.0 alpha version on the 11th January at 22:00(GMT+1)
  3. Extend the Token Portal close to 25 January at 22:00(GMT+1)
Lambda Token Portal — Updated

We understand that the optics of extending the token portal may seem unfair, but in the interest of transparency + helping users who are on the fence, having not seen or used the product — we believe that this is the best way to ensure that 90% of the total LMDA supply is distributed to true users.

The Lambda 2.0 alpha version will be live until the 25th January at 22:00 (GMT+1) → after this Lambda 2.0 opens to the public and LMDA tokens can be redeemed to activate platform subscriptions + features.

Why have we decided to do this?

There’s an immense opportunity to create an even fairer token launch + optimise the platform rollout by giving the community alpha access.

Early alpha users can help the rest of the community to learn about the platform for increased transparency around the move to tokenised access.

This enables:

  1. Experience of the alpha product before contributing to the token portal — those who are on the fence can experience the platform before making a full decision.
  2. Community can experience the alpha app being developed in real-time, while integrating community feedback.
  3. Ability to secure tokens at IDO price with all knowledge being available to them.
Lambda 2.0 Launch roadmap

After the feedback this far, we believe that it is in everyone’s benefit to have early participants + whitelisted accounts use the platform in real-time to provide invaluable feedback and squash any bugs to optimise the full-scale platform launch.

What next?

Make sure that you’ve got familiar with the project documentation and secured LMDA tokens for access to the platform. Join the discord so that you don’t miss out on anything!

Set your reminder for the alpha access livestream on January 6th
Lambda Token Portal Process

How to secure LMDA tokens👇

Participate in the Lambda Token Portal where we are floating 90% of the total token supply to early users!

From there, users can activate LMDA in the app to get access to the Lambda 2.0 platform which includes access to:

  • Strike algorithm ✔️
  • Macro Dashboard ✔️
  • Trade Engine ✔️
  • Full Charting Library ✔️


Before interacting with us in any way, become familiar with our terms 👇