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5 min readJan 2, 2023

Chart and trade cryptocurrency + traditional markets with familiar tools and unlimited timeframes. Get access with the LMDA token — the public sale closes on January 25th, 2023 at

Lambda 2.0 — Charting + Terminal

Quick glance:

  • Lambda 2.0 features a charting library that offers order-flow tooling, unlimited candle timeframes and more.
  • The LMDA token will be launched in a bespoke dutch auction format running from the 21st December 2022 until the 25th January 2023.
  • Lambda Markets is moving to tokenised platform access — this enables efficient tokenised actions + value accrual within our ecosystem.
  • LMDA tokens are now available at

Charting Overview

The Lambda 2.0 platform features the charting tools traders have become accustomed to with other popular trading platforms. Draw + narrate on the chart, keep a watchlist of your favourite assets or use our algorithmic screener to filter the market noise.

With the Lambda 2.0 charting library, users can access:

  • Unlimited candle timeframes
  • Order-flow overlays
  • CEX trade execution
  • Strike algorithm integration

Lambda 2.0 users do not need a TradingView subscription to experience the power of our charting library.

Lambda 2.0 — orderflow tooling + strike overlays
Lambda 2.0 charting library within context

Unlimited Candle Timeframes

All users (including free users) have access to unlimited timeframes on Lambda 2.0 — this feature is typically reserved only for paid access on other platforms! This offers greater flexibility for users to analyse markets.

Unlimited timeframes on Lambda 2.0

More timeframes can give traders a deeper understanding of the market + can become an edge over other market participants who only use standard timeframes like the 1H, 4H, D1 and W1.

Pro tier subscribers are able to chart with Strike on timeframes <5min.


Users can chart on Lambda 2.0 with a familiar feel. Draw shapes, lines or other freehand works alongside technical indicators like Fibonaccis.

Available for all users of Lambda 2.0 — including users with free access.

Chart cryptocurrencies + tradFi assets with Lambda 2.0

Strike algorithm overlays are available only for ‘Basic’ and ‘Pro’ tier users.

Order-flow Tooling

Gain access to order-flow overlays with Lambda 2.0. Cumulative Volume Delta (CVD), Open Interest (OI), funding rate data, liquidation data + more are available as overlays to the price chart.

Use these tools as additional confluence to the Strike algorithm or use them alone to form trade ideas. Basic order-flow tooling is available to all user tiers — including users on the free tier.

Open interest + funding rate overlays on Lambda 2.0
Lambda 2.0 charting library within context

Lambda 2.0 users are able to use order-flow overlays to understand what traders are doing in real-time and position for the market’s next move.

Strike Algorithm Overlays

The strike algorithm is reserved for Lambda 2.0 ‘Basic’ and ‘Pro’ tier users. Users are be able to access the strike algorithm overlays to see high probability trade signals generated in real-time.

Lambda Strike Overlays — Lambda 2.0

To learn more about the Strike algorithm, you can read our deep dive here:

Why Use the Lambda 2.0 Charting Library?

Get unlimited timeframes + basic orderflow tooling — privileges usually reserved as paid features on other platforms.

All users (including free access) can trade via their preferred exchange, while charting on Lambda 2.0 — there is no need to navigate to other platforms to chart or get data to help inform your trades.

Lambda 2.0 has it all at your fingertips!

How to gain access 👇

While the basic Lambda 2.0 charting page is free for users (all that is required is to connect your solana wallet) — to access the algorithm and paid features you’ll have to secure LMDA tokens and activate them in-app.

Participate in the Lambda Token Portal to get tokens at the public sale now.

From there, users can activate LMDA in the app to get access to the Lambda 2.0 platform which includes access to:

  • Strike algorithm ✔️
  • Macro Dashboard ✔️
  • Trade Engine ✔️
  • Full Charting Library ✔️

What next?

We’ll be publishing further insights into the Lambda 2.0 platform every day leading up to launch on January 25th. Make sure that you’ve got familiar with the project documentation and secured LMDA tokens for access to the platform. Join the discord so that you don’t miss out on anything!

Here’s what is to come ⤵

Lambda 2.0 — Launch Calendar
Set your reminder for the launch livestream on January 6th


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