Lambda 2.0 — Trade Engine

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5 min readJan 17, 2023

Everyone can execute with more order types, all that is needed is a Solana wallet! Subscribed users can trade remotely with Telegram integration — the LMDA public sale closes 25th January, 2023.

Quick glance:

  • Get access to advanced order types and institutional grade API key integration— everyone can execute with more order types, all that is needed is a Solana wallet + CEX account!
  • 90% of the total LMDA token supply is distributed to early users, now available at
  • Whitelisted accounts, existing members or those who have contributed ≥=$1000 USDC to the Lambda Token Portal, can access the alpha app
  • Pro + Basic users are able to execute with advanced orders remotely with Lambda 2.0’s Telegram integration.

We’ve already teased what the Lambda 2.0 Trade Engine is capable of 👇


The Lambda 2.0 trade engine helps to take the guess work out of trading. Advanced order types like laddered orders, TWAP and Swarm are made easy + the automation that telegram trading provides, will make sure that you never miss a high probability trade opportunity again!

At the core of the Lambda 2.0 trade engine:

☑️ Advanced order types

☑️ Telegram trading

☑️ Non-directional opportunity aggregator

☑️ Institutional grade API key storage

Everyone is able to execute via our terminal with advanced order types — all that you need is a Solana wallet + CEX account to take advantage.

The differentiation between subscribed members (‘Basic’ or ‘Pro’) and ‘Free’ users is that; subscribed users have unrestricted access to customisable alert feeds, telegram trading and non-directional aggregation, whereas free users do not.

Lambda 2.0 — Non-directional Trade Aggregator

Advanced Execution

All users — free + subscribed, can use the advanced order types that the Lambda 2.0 Trade Engine has to offer, to execute more efficiently with an edge over other market participants. Use Lambda to execute via:

☑️ Scale (Ladder) orders: scale orders across a determined price range to improve your average fill.

☑️ Time-weighted-average-price (TWAP) orders: execute large orders based on time, to enhance the efficiency of executing with larger size.

☑️ Swarm orders: reduce slippage by fragmenting a large order.

Secure API Key Integration

To execute via Lambda 2.0 with basic + advanced order types, telegram trading or via our alert feeds — you’ll need to connect to your preferred centralised exchange via secure API keys.

Lambda 2.0 — securely integrate your CEX account

Prior to enabling API integration, extensive documentation at will be available to ensure absolute user security.

We will use a thoroughly tested + third party audited security layer for the storage of user API keys — we check to ensure that these keys are only ever enabled to be ‘trade only’ and never ‘withdraw or move funds’ — all routes have security guards and logs are monitored extremely closely.

At first, there will be a focus on catering for the high-volume centralised exchanges like Binance + BitGet — during 2023 we will quickly expand this to include all major centralised exchanges!

For those who’d like to dive deeper on how we plan to treat user API keys:

Given the magnitude of hacks that have happened recently, we feel like this segment needs an independent audit before we handle any serious volume. This is why a account balance and safety check will be carried out initially on the front-end only (keys stay with you). We will be rolling out this feature iteratively and in the most conservative way to provide the utmost care to secure your assets.

Telegram Trading

Pro + Basic users can access telegram trading, if you’re out of the office or just prefer executing away from the desk, integrate your telegram account for alert notifications and trade execution on the go, in a single action.

Never miss a trade opportunity, again!

Choose to trade on the go with Lambda 2.0

Users are able to securely integrate their telegram account + preferred centralised exchange API keys to be alerted of opportunities in real-time and execute them remotely via their mobile device.

Lambda 2.0 — Telegram integration + trade logs

What next?

Make sure that you’ve got familiar with the project documentation and secured LMDA tokens for access to the platform. Join the discord so that you don’t miss out on anything!

Lambda Token Portal Process

We are collecting as much information and feedback on the alpha version so that the public launch is optimised as much as it possibly can be.

Lambda 2.0 — Alpha access roadmap

How to secure LMDA tokens👇

Participate in the Lambda Token Portal where we are floating 90% of the total token supply to early users!

From there, users can activate LMDA in the app to get access to the Lambda 2.0 platform which includes access to:

  • Strike algorithm ✔️
  • Macro Dashboard ✔️
  • Trade Engine ✔️
  • Full Charting Library ✔️


Before interacting with us in any way, become familiar with our terms 👇