Introducing Lambda Legends NFTs

Lambda Markets
4 min readFeb 6, 2024

Lambda foundational members will be eligible for a one time NFT mint this month, as a way of commemorating their foundational status.

Quick glance:

  • The NFTs feature 500 unique floppy disk designs inspired by 70s vintage tech illustrations lovingly handcrafted by Artist Korina Hunjak.
  • Lambda Legends once activated will provide lifetime access to all current and upcoming tools and indicators.
  • Previously whitelisted foundational members will receive their NFT automatically following the claim process.
  • Non-whitelisted foundational members can mint for 5 solana (SOL) starting 21st February running for 1 week.

What is Lambda Legends?

In 2021, 500 legendary people helped bootstrap the Lambda Markets. This group of people have helped us through every phase and without you we would not be the strong, growing community we are today.

This then, is both a way for us to give back to those legends, and an opportunity for new faces to join us.

Promptly, with the release of 1.0 we’re going to be taking it up another notch and tons of exciting things are coming to Lambda.

The team feels we’re very close to having delivered on the promise of the IDO and as such it won’t be long until subscription timers and token burns commence once more. With the associated refresh, we too will also be introducing new features and tons of new ways to spend LMDA.

Key points:

  • The NFTs are trade-able and marketable. Holders can transfer between wallets or list for sale on supported NFT marketplaces. The proceeds (after royalties) go to the holder of the NFT not the project.
  • The NFTs can be traded until one is claimed for a lifetime membership. That membership will be locked to the wallet redeeming that membership and the NFT will end up in the Lambda Vault.
  • Locked / redeemed NFTs will be frozen, leading to a deflationary supply for the NFT collection — similar to the one in place for the LMDA token. You’ll still see the NFT in your wallet, but you won’t be able to use it for sale or transfer.

The Art

Each of the 500 Lambda Ultimate Access NFTs feature a unique floppy disk design, inspired by 70s vintage tech illustrations hand-drawn by our talented artist Korina Hunjak.

Each legend cartridge contains:

1 of 25 text prompts exploring the defining moments in the history and evolution of the blockchain + related small stickers

1 of 20 Hand drawn iconic Bobo or Mumu stickers invoking a range of emotions.

1 of 10 Groovy 70s wallpaper-esk backgrounds

1 of 10 Vibrant plastic wraps to plug in.

1 of 4 Metallic finishes ranging from stainless steel to shiny gold.

All traits will be revealed instantly and randomly assigned, with an equal chance for each trait. This approach ensures rarity, while themed combinations provide natural rarity without the need for artificial rarity weight.


The mint is straightforward:

Minting takes place on the portal which will open 00:00 on the 21st of February.

On the page, foundational users will be able to check if their wallet has been whitelisted or if they’re eligible to mint.

They will register their claim transaction and their NFT will be revealed to them.

For those that have not whitelisted a mint fee identical the original whitelist cost of 5 SOL will be charged.

Royalties will be set at 10% split 70:30 with 70% going directly to Dangerousbros, Habibi and the artist and the other 30% will go to the team development fund.

Upon the completion of the minting period the NFTs are sent out to each individual wallet so that everyone gets them at the same time.

Any of the NFTs unsold during this stage will be kept for the promotion and community enrichment such as giveaways, bug-bounties, community rewards and collaborations with other projects. They will be kept scarce and will not be distributed lightly nor without prior consultation.

No more than 500 NFTs will ever exist.

What to do next?

If you’re a foundational member, stay tuned for an upcoming deep dive and AMA.

Official links for secondary markets will be available before the mint begins on the 21st February…

That’s all for now, we look forward to seeing you join us in experiencing the mint and subsequent trait reveal!