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Lambda Markets
6 min readDec 6, 2022

Lambda Markets was founded in July 2021 and has since then helped over 2,500 people keep a pulse on digital markets.

In this article we’ll explain why we are so excited about the future and share our vision for the project + highlight how you can get involved!

Let’s get to it.


The cryptocurrency market is abundant with opportunities, even in a bear market. However it is challenging to identify, track and capture these opportunities effectively.

The market can move so quickly that many traders are unable to:

  1. Identify high probability trades
  2. Monitor those trade opportunities in real-time
  3. Effectively manage the trade(s) from entry to exit
  4. Consistently grow their portfolio

We’ve had amazing feedback on our algorithm and platform over the past twelve months, but we know we can build bigger and better.

Constantly scraping data and analysing charts across the web to inform our own trading decisions, we thought ‘why not build all of the important information and tooling that we use, into the Lambda platform?’

So, that is exactly what we have done!

We want to provide increasingly more accurate and potent market tooling to ensure that those who use our platform are prepared for every single moment in digital markets.


By 2024, our goal is for Lambda Markets to become the single most important web-application for cryptocurrency traders and investors.

That’s why we are launching Lambda 2.0

The platform will offer real-time trade signals, advanced order types and one-click execution by combining:

  • Advanced charting library
  • Directional Algorithm (Lambda Strike)
  • Real-time trade signals + customisable Strike alerts
  • Macro-economic dashboard
  • Trade Engine for trade execution + management

Using a solana blockchain wallet as authentication, you’ll access the full suite of Lambda Markets and have everything you need to extract profits from the cryptocurrency market, at your fingertips. You do not need a TradingView subscription or any other, only Lambda.

The current platform is available to the public, however we will be moving to exclusive access for the new platform — more on this shortly.

Here are some sneak peeks of Lambda 2.0 — We will share more insights, closer to the public launch…

Charting Library

Multiple chart overlays including:

  • Orderflow data (CVD, open interest, funding rates)
  • Strike directional algorithm
  • Money flow
  • Unlimited timeframes

Customisable Alert Feeds

Real-time alerts derived from our Strike algorithm. Users will be able to set their own alert preferences or follow Lambda default alerts — with built-in one-click trade execution for timely trade entry + exit.

Algorithmic Market Screener

Skip the noise and focus solely on what you want to see, our filters using the strike algorithm will enable users to filter the market down to the most important trade setups.

Other features:

  • Macro dashboard — offering real-time, easy to digest macro insights, so that users can easily gauge the wider market context. Including; Economic Calendar, Trader Sentiment Tracker, Monetary Policy Radar, Risk Appetite Indicator and market-moving newsfeed.
  • Trade engine— users will be able to access advanced order types and tooling. Here users can integrate their telegram account for trading integration and enable passive strategies.

How will it work?

Currently, access to the Lambda platform is managed via the solana blockchain, user wallets are used as their authentication to the platform.

This offers an elegant authentication mechanism and also promotes ease of interaction with the web-application.

Considering the future utility of Lambda 2.0 + staying true to our roots in blockchain technology — we have deliberated about how we can continue to utilise blockchain wallets to:

  • Efficiently on-board users + manage access to the platform
  • Promote community contribution
  • Maintain the alpha + edge that Lambda provides
  • Enable the open market to value platform access

We’ve decided that the shift to tokenised access will see Lambda achieve these objectives and enable its token holders to extract value from the Lambda ecosystem.

A complete tokenomics deck + presentation will be provided prior to launch, but to put it simply, our tokenomic model will serve to:

  • Incentivise platform use: the token will be the key to access all current and future platform features.
  • Benefit early holders: initial exponential demand for platform access + new features should deliver value for Lambda token holders
  • Promote Community interactions: as Lambda grows, so too should our community. Community input + referrals.

There will not be a token allocation for the team.

Get ready for Tokenised Access

To access the new platform on launch you will need to register for the whitelist and await further details. Existing users have the option to whitelist, but are not required to do so to maintain their platform access.

Those who are whitelisted will be able to access the Lambda 2.0 Portal to purchase tokens at the lowest price possible and gain early access to the platform.

You can register for the whitelist here:

Places are on the whitelist are limited and will be granted on a first come first served basis, so be quick!

Here are the important dates

Following the whitelist launch in December, Lambda 2.0 will be rolled out iteratively in early 2023. An insight of what to come + all of the important dates are listed in our launch roadmap below.

December 15: Tokenomics + subscription model released
December 15: Tokenomic YT Stream
December 21: Launch YT Stream
December 21 — early January: Lambda 2.0 Portal Opens
Early January 2023: Lambda 2.0 Public Launch
Late January 2023: Trade Engine + Terminal Launch
February 2023: Macro Dashboard Launch
March 2023: Automated strategies
H2 2023: Leaderboard launch + Trading rewards

What’s next?

The whitelist is the key to unlocking the Lambda ecosystem, if you’re interested in Lambda 2.0 then you’ll want to join the whitelist to secure your spot.

From there you’ll join our discord server for real-time updates and become eligible for the Lambda 2.0 access portal. Over the coming weeks we will release further information + announce a significant partnership.

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