Lambda Markets — January 2023

Lambda Markets
4 min readFeb 10, 2023


The first month of the year saw major leaps forward in project development and awareness.

Project Roadmap — Lambda Markets

Quick glance:

  • Project development advanced quickly in January 2023, social media & our product captured the attention of new + existing users.
  • The LMDA token was issued to on-board users via the blockchain and create immense opportunity for the project moving forward.
  • Lambda 2.0 alpha and beta versions have launched, and we continue to actively execute the project roadmap.

Lambda 2.0

In early January, we decided to speed-up the Lambda 2.0 launch by integrating community feedback in a live development environment.

All whitelisted accounts, existing users and IDO participants who’d contributed ≥$1,000 USDC gained access to the Lambda 2.0 alpha version.

This turned out to help immensely in optimising secure user authentication, as well as, provide quick bug identification + fixes.

Example bug fixes — Lambda 2.0 Alpha

The alpha version of the Lambda 2.0 app launched on January 11th with the Strike Algorithm, since then, the beta version of the application has been launched! Hello unlimited timeframes + order-flow capabilities with our ‘Advanced Charting’ — full functionalities are still being rolled out.

You can track active development via the newly implemented change-log.

Navigate to the bottom right corner of the app and left-click on the version text, you’ll then have the change-log appear in the centre of your screen.

Lambda 2.0 change-log

Advanced charting will be finalised this month and from there, we will move onto the implementation of our Macro Dashboard, Mobile Integration and Customisable Alert feeds — as per the project roadmap!

Project Roadmap — Lambda Markets

LMDA Token Market

LMDA began trading on the 7th January, debuting on decentralised markets at ~$0.0236 USDC. LMDA tokens are required to activate platform features, including subscriptions. Future token utility will include staking (for discounts + referral rebates).

Token Portal participants can now redeem their LMDA tokens at

LMDA details — CoinMarketCap

You can find the official price charts, trading venues and LP pools via our documentation:

The first LMDA burn 🔥

On January 31 2023, 5.38% of the total LMDA supply was burnt, forever.

You can verify the burn transaction here:

These tokens were activated in the Lambda Vault for subscriptions to Lambda 2.0 — the founding team also decided to burn ALL of their personal tokens acquired from the Lambda Token Portal.

Keep track of the next LMDA burn event via the project discord.

LMDA burn bot — Discord

What’s to come?

2023 is going to be a huge year for the project (in case you couldn’t already tell!) and we’ve made significant strides already. Thousands of users have been on-boarded to the beta app and the LMDA token market has been thoroughly bootstrapped to on-board even more.

In February we’ll be focused on the development and implementation of the concepts shared already.

Expect to see Advanced Charting rolled out with order-flow capabilities + more, along with customisable alerts and early stage telegram integration. We might even have some surprises in store, but let’s see how the month plays out!

Team Lambda

Project Roadmap — Lambda Markets


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