Lambda Markets— September 2023

Lambda Markets
4 min readSep 18, 2023


Our team has been heads-down building over the past few quarters. There’s been great progress, but also challenges that required rethinking our approach. Here’s an update on where we are and what’s coming next.

Lambda 2.0 Roadmap — September 2023

Quick glance:

  • Project development has remained steady and many components are now under integration with the front-end UI.
  • The charting library component has been rebuilt from the ground up into a powerful and more resilient system.
  • Reliance on third-party infrastructure is now at an absolute minimum, thanks to the development of our own infrastructure.

Revamping the Data Pipeline

To maintain a robust and reliable data ingress, we’ve built a system that listens to trade data and aggregates it into 10-second buckets. Every trade for 200+ assets listed on CEXs are now flowing into our backend infrastructure. This requires going beyond API requests to process the raw trade stream.

This is the detailed data required for metrics like buy/sell volume, liquidations, and ultimately our algorithmic offering. We’re storing the data and making that data available historically via optimized APIs.

Getting this new data pipeline built, scalable, and reliable was a huge undertaking. But it unlocks immense flexibility and new, massive capability for the product moving forward.

We now have the ability to deliver relevant news in real-time, render macro and crypto charts + upscale the offering where required.

More technical details will be posted in #🐛┃app-updates in the discord.

Rebuilding the Charting Engine

To leverage the new data, we needed to rebuild our charting from scratch.

We’re now using a customized version of TradingView as the base, with our own data and signals layered on top.

This powerful new backend solution unlocks unparalleled customisability beyond anything you can find in other charting tools.

Want the latest economic data? Get alerts on the chart in real time. Mix and match indicators and compare macro data with price charts in real time.

Operating with lightning-fast performance, at timeframes as low as 1 second. All this on top of all the TradingView features you know and love — It’s only possible on Lambda.

New Landing —

Insights for Smarter Trading

With our data foundation in place, we’re focusing next on surfacing insights directly to traders.

The screener visualizes signals across assets and timeframes, so traders can quickly identify macro trends and emerging opportunities. You’ll be able to create dynamic watchlists, set alerts, and jump straight to the matching chart.

The alerts infrastructure has been rewritten to handle more volume and complexity. You’ll be able to route alerts to Telegram, Discord, and more.

Alerts can also trigger orders, for instant execution on signal fires.

On the charts themselves, we’re working on new single-click order execution. Traders will be able to click on a signal, review the details, and enter orders seamlessly.

Alert feed flow — Lambda 2.0

Telegram Trading

Unfortunately, we missed the initial wave of Telegram trading bots, a target we have long been working on but not fully prioritized. However, we are now developing the early versions of a Telegram bot that we think can change the game for Lambda and trading on-chain generally.

This is a key priority, with the goal of launching in December. The Telegram bot will bring automated trading signals and execution to the largest crypto trading community on mobile.

It represents a huge opportunity to showcase our trading tools to millions of active crypto traders. While later than hoped, we’re eager to unleash the power of our platform through this new channel.

Likely alongside this, LMDA tokenomics will have to be adjusted to cater for such an offering.

What’s Next?

There is still work to be done, but the biggest technical hurdles are behind us. Our team is focused on polishing these features and getting them out to traders.

Here’s the roadmap for the coming quarter:

September: Advanced Charts + improved algorithm, Macro Dashboard, New Landing Page

October: Screener, Token Stats, Alerts

November: Initial Marketplace, Referral System

December: Telegram Trading + CEX Trade Execution

We are committed to shipping often, being transparent about timelines, and incorporating trader feedback. We’re excited to share it with you all soon!

An AMA will be held alongside this roadmap announcement, we’ll post more about that in the community discord.

— Lambda Markets


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