LMDA Token Burn — February 2023

Lambda Markets
2 min readMar 1, 2023


142k $LMDA tokens worth $5,839.95 USD have been burned, never to enter the circulating supply again.

LMDA Burn — #002 February 28, 2023

Quick stats:

🔥 Tokens burned = 142,143.015 LMDA

🔥 USD value burned = $5,839.95

🔥 New LMDA circulating supply = 94,473,684.57

🔥 Decrease in total supply = -5.53%

LMDA Burn #002

The second LMDA burn has occurred! On February 28, 2023 — 142,000 LMDA tokens were burnt, forever 🔥

These tokens were activated in the Lambda Vault for subscriptions to Lambda 2.0, you can verify the burn transaction here:


Availability of the LMDA token on decentralised markets should become increasingly scarce. To activate platform features, users must acquire LMDA and activate them. 10% of the LMDA tokens used to activate product features will be burnt, beginning at launch & lasting FOREVER.

LMDA total supply should decline as the platform user base grows

Once tokens are deposited into the activation vault, 10% of those tokens are burnt — never to enter the supply again. Traditionally crypto tokenomics are ridden with inflation, ours is not.

LMDA token flow

Future LMDA Token Burns will occur once per month, tokens waiting to be burned will be visible via the Lambda Burn Wallet ⤵


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