Update on Roadmap, Tech + more — May 2024

Lambda Markets
3 min readMay 13, 2024

Here’s the latest on our progress and what’s to come.

Quick glance:

  • Significant improvements in user authentication systems are underway, along with the rollout of new subscription payment models and referral program.
  • The developer team has increased in size to account for the 2024 roadmap, the trading engine and a final UI / UX package to be rolled out in Q2 and Q3.
  • Our efforts to minimize dependencies on third-party platforms have resulted in more robust, in-house solutions tailored to our platform’s needs.
  • The Lambda Trade engine, is being optimized for high-frequency, real-time transactions across both spot and futures markets and event based trading.

Enhancing Trading Architecture and User Experience

To better serve our traders, we’ve revamped the underlying frameworks that support data flow and user interactions:

We are introducing a more intuitive, secure login process and a versatile subscription model that caters to both casual and premium users.

The new lambda authentication layer will enable ‘freemium’ user tiers, where limited access to real-time crypto and macro data is enabled.

This is with the goal of attracting a larger and more diverse user-base of the platform, as well as, improving the current authentication and user flow.

All users will be able to use multiple routes of authentication when using the platform, be it google, apple, a solana wallet or other…

A great example of what we are aiming for is the current login for MarginFi, as shown below ⤵

Login Example — MarginFi

The new referrals program is designed to leverage our community’s network, enhancing user engagement and platform growth.

The long awaited referral program will go live this year, aiming to incentivise active engagement with Lambda Markets.

More details on this are to come, however, this is being built right now and integrated into the authentication layer and it’s associated logic 👇

Lambda App Updates — Discord

The trading engine will integrate seamlessly with advanced features to handle complex trading strategies and provide real-time updates, elevating our platform’s performance and reliability.

More technical details on these updates will be shared in our community channels. For now you can track the progress via GitHub in the #app-updates channel.

What’s Next?

With the core updates well underway, our next steps involve fine-tuning these systems and launching them to our user base:

UI / UX Upgrades

A final UI/UX package that aims to tidy all new features and flow implemented during 2023, is scheduled for rollout in Q2 and Q3.

This update is designed to refine and optimize the user experience, based on feedback from our users and also insights from both Hoss and Ted.

This enhancement will focus on streamlining the interface and improving the interaction design to facilitate easier navigation and more efficient flow for our users…


  • The coming months will see the integration of these new features with our main interface, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Detailed timelines and further enhancements will be discussed in upcoming community AMAs and through our regular updates. For now, the project roadmap is shown below 👇

As we continue to fine-tune and roll out new features, our focus remains on delivering a seamless experience that aligns with our user’s needs and market trends.

Lambda Markets Roadmap 2024

Stay connected through our community channels for more regular updates and insights.

— Lambda Markets