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Lambda Markets
5 min readJan 25, 2023

Lambda 2.0 features will roll out month to month in 2023. Get access with the LMDA token — the public sale closes TODAY at launch.lambda.markets

Lambda Markets — 2023 Roadmap

Quick glance:

  • Using a solana blockchain wallet as authentication, you’ll access the full suite of Lambda Markets and have everything you need to extract profits from the cryptocurrency market, at your fingertips.
  • 90% of the total LMDA token supply is distributed to early users, now available at launch.lambda.markets (closes at 21:00 UTC TODAY)


Our project roadmap provides a blueprint of the upcoming feature launches in 2023 — from the Advanced Charting this month, to the Trade Engine in March + more.

Introducing the full-scale Lambda Markets 2023 project roadmap 👇

Lambda Markets — 2023 Roadmap

There’ll be many scripts and custom indicators integrated into the Lambda 2.0 charting library along the way, and other smaller updates!

January ‘23

Advanced Charting

Order Flow Overlays

To start off the year we will provide advanced charting and order flow overlays to help traders identify opportunities and make informed decisions. The advanced charting and order flow overlays will provide traders with an edge in their trading.

Lambda 2.0 — Charting

February ‘23

Customisable Alerts

Market Screener

Telegram Integration

Level up your trading experience with customisable alert feeds, telegram integration and advanced execution. Strike algorithm alerts can be easily integrated for one-click trading with Lambda 2.0 — all that is required is an account with your preferred centralised exchange + a telegram account.

Use the strike algorithm to to filter the market noise + only be alerted when high probability trades are identified. This ensures that Lambda 2.0 users are not stuck staring at the charts all day, waiting for the next opportunity!

Trade on the go — Lambda 2.0

Macro Dashboard

Lambda 2.0 users will have all the information that they need to act on important news events or simply to provide additional confluence for charting with the Strike Algorithm.

Lambda 2.0 — Macro Dashboard

March ‘23

Trade Engine

Advanced Order types

The Lambda 2.0 trade engine helps to take the guess work out of trading. Advanced order types like laddered orders, TWAP and Swarm are made easy + the automation that telegram trading provides, will make sure that you never miss a high probability trade opportunity again!

We will use a thoroughly tested + third party audited security layer for the storage of user API keys — we check to ensure that these keys are only ever enabled to be ‘trade only’ and never ‘withdraw or move funds’ — all routes have security guards and logs are monitored extremely closely.

We will be rolling out this feature iteratively and in the most conservative way to provide the utmost care to secure your assets.

LMDA Staking

Referral System

Extending the utility of the LMDA token, holders will be able to lock up LMDA tokens via the web-app for 30-day, 60-day or 90-day epochs.

In return, staked token holders will be granted tiered discounts on platform features + receive generous referral rebates. Future ‘staked-only’ platform features will be available in-app. Referral links grant new users a 5% discount on subscription prices.

LMDA Staking happens in-app

Q2 ‘23

Feature Marketplace

Custom Scripts and Indicators

The Feature Market place is where traders can create, share and monetise their own indicators created from Lambda 2.0 data feeds. Simply code your own script and publish on the marketplace for others to use.

Traders can create free features/indicators or have private, paid-only scripts that are monetised. Only Pro users can become Feature Market Merchants.

Lambda 2.0 — Feature Marketplace

Q3 ‘23

Automated Strategies

Infrastructure Consolidation

Use the suite of Lambda Markets features to automate directional + non-directional trading strategies. Infrastructure consolidation will ensure that Lambda remains stable for the expanded reach of users throughout 2023.

Q4 ‘23

Advanced Journaling & Analytics Tools

deFi Integration

Advanced Journaling & Analytics Tools will help traders improve their performance, automatically tracking their trades and helping them analyze them.

DeFi Integration will allow traders to optimise their trading experience on decentralised markets (on-chain).

How to secure LMDA tokens👇

You must first acquire LMDA to access Lambda 2.0— participate in the Lambda Token Portal where we are floating 90% of the total token supply to early users. It closes at 21:00 UTC today!

From there, users can activate LMDA in the app to get access to the Lambda 2.0 platform which includes access to:

  • Strike algorithm ✔️
  • Macro Dashboard ✔️
  • Trade Engine ✔️
  • Full Charting Library ✔️


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